MONSTER Video Wall


What else can we say. We created this system when nothing less will do. At 7 foot high and nearly 12 feet wide, this MONSTER Video Wall makes a statement about your Club, Pro Shop or Personal Range that can't be matched by any target system in history. If you want your customers, club members or your buddies to be blown away, then the MONSTER video wall system is the answer. If you hunt harder, go further and think about hunting 24 X 7,  then here is the system that matches your passion!

It comes with everything including the new interactive True Score Vital system and an exclusive grunt call feature that allows you to grunt and stop any buck on video; including your trail cam video just like in the woods. Yes way!

Make a statement....Get this epic MONSTER System for your range today.


Number of Cubes League 24
Monster 40
Video Wall 6' X 9" 7' X 12'
VideoWall Sensors Included Included
Video Processor Included Included
Bigshot Video Scenes 225 225
BVR Hunt Player Software Included Included
Live Hunt Scenes 160 205
Premium True Vital system 126 336
League True Score Set  246 246
Projector/Lumens 3600 3600
Projector Enclosure Included Included
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Included Included
Foot Pedal/Sensor Included Included
Inline Connector for Foot Pedal Included Included
Warranty 90 120
Monthly Electronic Extended Support $49.99 $49.99
MSRP Price $9,999 $13,999