League Video Wall


Setting the Standard!

The VideoTargets.com Commercial League Video Wall system is designed to set the standard for pro shops and ranges. This system makes a lasting impression on visitors and customers that can't be matched by any dated paper range. The system measures nearly nine feet across and comes with 24 industrial strength cubes. The exclusive interchangeable cubes spread the wear across the whole range for more durability. The system includes sensors, video processor system and over five hundred scenes for shooting including our new True Score Interactive Vital System. Additional Kiosk and multiplayer options are available as well.

The League System offers and unbeatable experience at a tremendous price. 

System Components Pro/Mobile League
Range Wall Size 6' X 9' 6' X 9'
Number of Cubes 24 24
Video Wall Sensors Included Included
Video Processing Computer Included Included
Bigshot Video Scenes 127 225
BVR Hunt Player Software Included Included
Live Hunt Scenes 126 160
Premium True Score Vital system 180
League True Score Scenes N/A
Projector/Lumens 3300 3600
Projector Enclosure Included Included
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Included Included
Foot Pedal/Sensor Included Included
Inline Connector for Foot Pedal Included Included
Warranty 60 90
Monthly Electronic Extended Support $29.99 $49.99
MSRP Price $7,999 $9,999